APONet: One-stop-shop IT suite

for every need of post office and courier organizations

An ideal suite of solutions for postal and courier companies with a dynamic and evolving product offering. Modern postal solution built with a 100% customer-centric approach and clear purpose to enable our customers to grow and have an easier life.

Business modules suite

The core postal suit is based on a set of modules and components used to manage all
needs of your postal customers. The suite provides user-friendly and powerful
modules for servicing your customers beyond postal services and enables you to
open new revenue streams.

Financial services
Retail sales
Money Transfer
Mobile operator
Government payment
Hybrid mail

Business channels suite

Instead of multiple software sales and service tools, our solution manages and streamlines
Your entire sales and service operations. It allows Your employees and partners to serve
Your customer via highly intuitive and user-friendly software tools.

Postal counter
Parcel lockers
Parcel pick-up and drop-off
Franchise partner
Mail carriers
Self-service kiosks
Web portal
Mobile app
Customer service
Returns center
E-commerce booster

Shipping modules suite

As a postal operator, you have an active role in a specific transportation segment with
various physical assets in the field operations. In addition to the traditional postal services
(eg. transportation, sorting, etc.), our software suite supports warehousing, terminal
operations, transloading, and even new means of transport with unmanned equipment.

Satisfied drivers
Sorting centers
Logistics hubs
Nano hubs
Fleet network
Unmanned equipment
Autonomous vehicles
Fulfillment centers

Technical modules suite

This software suite combines state-of-the-art support modules to run your postal business
smoothly 365 days a year. All technical modules are hot-pluggable (even as separate
modules) so they can be connected and upgraded without impacting your routine

Shopping cart
Identity module
Integration platform
Document archive
Master Data Management
Authorization system
Case management
Payment gateway
Clearing and settlement
Business intelligence
Data warehouse management
Document Archive
Inventory management

Support modules suite

Support and easy administration is a must. Our support modules suite makes your life easier
and more efficient.

Card management system
Electronic signature
Mobile platform
Remote management and monitoring